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Fintechee is a WEB-based trading platform that covers Automated Trading, Expert Advisor Studio, FIX API Individual Version, White Label(A,B,Hybrid) with FIX Engine, Market Maker Bot, Browser-based EA, Multi-Account Login, DeFi, and Cross-Chain DEX. 20+ liquidity providers cooperate with Fintechee.

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Fintechee is the best WEB trader, broker white label and FIX API trading platform


FIX API Trading Platform Individual Version

Cryptocurrency Supported

Spread Betting Supported

White Label

20+ Liquidity Provider Partners

Shared FIX API Making IB White-labelable

Price Aggregator and Order Router Supported


Plugins for Payment Gateway and DEX

Plugins for Crypto Options

Plugins for Market Maker Bot




Freemium FIX API Trading Platform Individual Version!

Automated Trading

We support browser-based automated trading. Your expert advisors can run on the browsers.

Expert Advisor Studio

We have an Expert Advisor Studio to extend the functions of our WEB Trader.

Artificial Intelligence

We support AI tech. We can integrate with the third-party AI libraries outside Fintechee.

Arbitrage Trading

We provide plugins to integrate with other trading platforms, which makes arbitrage trading possible.

Multiple Accounts

Our WEB Trader supports multi-account management. You can sign into different accounts simultaneously.

SDK Trading

Our automated trading tech is based on a Javascript-based SDK. You can create browser-based EAs.

Genetic Algorithms

We have a built-in Genetic Algorithms module to help you speed up the time to backtest your strategies.

C++/MQL Compatibility

We provide a compiler to help you compile C/C++/MQL-based source codes and make them run on Fintechee.

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Arbitrage Strategy Plugin ~

This plugin is an Arbitrage Monitor used to monitor the price differences between Fintechee’s streaming quotes and Oanda’s streaming quotes.


SDK Document ~

Fintechee provides SDK Trading which includes Algorithms for Trading. Automated Trading is based on SDK trading.


Trading Platform Architecture ~

This post describes Fintechee’s architecture. Fintechee is a Fintech company focusing on Financial Technology Field and provides a FIX API-based trading platform White Label for financial institutions, such as Forex OTC brokers, DeFi, crypto exchanges(including CEX, decentralized exchanges, DEX).


Algorithms for Trading ~

Algorithmic Trading System Architecture supports Algorithms for Trading. Fintechee offers Artificial Intelligence to improve Expert Advisor signals’ precision.


Liquidity Providers ~

20+ Liquidity Providers cooperate with Fintechee. Brokers, White Labels can connect to them via the FIX API connectivity of our FIX API Trading Platform.


SDK Trading ~

Algorithmic Trading System Architecture is based on SDK trading and API Trading.


Tutorial for Forex Trading ~

Tutorial for Forex Trading is one of Fintechee’s free services. We help traders learn how to trade Forex by using our WEB Trader or Expert Advisor Studio.


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