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  • Jan 18, 2020
Enhance financial operations with FIX API solutions for financial institutions by Fintechee. Optimize connectivity and data exchange for improved performance.

Customized FIX API Solutions Online

Fintechee supports Customized FIX API Solutions Online. FIX is the so-called Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol, a message-based standard for real-time electronic information exchange in security institutional transactions. Fintechee enhances traders’ execution time, trading efficiency with FIX API Trading, financial operations with FIX API solutions for institutions, and connectivity optimization for improved performance. There are a lot of FIX engine providers. QuickFIX serves as a full-featured messaging engine for the FIX protocol.

FIX API Trading Platform

FIX API Trading Platform (FIX API Trading Software) is a feature provided by Fintechee WEB Trader’s backend, connecting traders with liquidity providers for streaming quotes.

We use QuickFIX 2.X as our FIX engine and FIX4.4 as the FIX protocol version. Fintechee offers a full-featured FIX API trading software, customized FIX API solutions online, and custom FIX API development services.

Fintechee has developed two FIX API Trading Platforms: one for financial institutions like brokers and white labels, and the other for individual traders. Fintechee’s FIX API Solutions for Financial Institutions serve as the WEB Trader’s FIX Engine.


FIX API is an application programming interface for FIX, facilitating real-time electronic information exchange for security institutional transactions. Retail brokerages need to transmit risk exposure of trade positions by sending orders to the layer above them.

Seventy percent of financial institutions communicate with each other via FIX API. Interpreting FIX API messages requires skills, as shown in the following examples:

# Example FIX API messages
8=FIX.4.4 9=171 35=D 34=4 49=XXXXX 52=20210326-19:30:52.331 56=YYYYY 11=1616787052330-2 22=111 38=0.01 40=1 48=BTC 54=2 55=BTC 59=0 60=20210327-03:30:52.331 10=083
8=FIX.4.4 9=273 35=8 34=6 49=YYYYY 52=20210326-19:30:52.571 56=XXXXX 1=xxx 6=0.000 11=1616787052330-2 14=0 17=xxxxx 22=111 37=xxxxx 38=0.01 39=A 40=1 48=BTC 54=2 55=BTC 59=0 150=A 151=0.01 10=192
8=FIX.4.4 9=273 35=8 34=7 49=YYYYY 52=20210326-19:30:52.635 56=XXXXX 1=xxx.001 6=0.000 11=1616787052330-2 14=0 17=xxxxx 22=111 37=xxxxx 38=0.01 39=0 40=1 48=BTC 54=2 55=BTC 59=0 150=0 151=0.01 10=071
8=FIX.4.4 9=297 35=8 34=8 49=YYYYY 52=20210326-19:30:52.638 56=XXXXX 1=xxx 6=53755.720 11=1616787052330-2 14=0.01 17=xxxxx 22=111 31=53755.72 32=0.01 37=xxxxx 38=0.01 39=2 40=1 48=BTC 54=2 55=BTC 59=0 150=F 151=0 10=081

Understanding the meanings of the messages involved can indeed be challenging, right?

No worries! Fintechee simplifies this process for you. You no longer need to manually parse these messages. All you need to do is trade as you normally would. Additionally, we have great news – Fintechee’s FIX API Trading Platform now has an individual version. Individual traders can now have a dedicated FIX API trading environment, allowing them to trade like financial institutions. For more details, read our article: FIX API(Individual Version).

Integrate with FIX Engine

Collaborating with over 20 liquidity providers, who integrate with the FIX API trading platform, we offer brokers a variety of choices to connect via our FIX engine.

  • Our platform communicates with various financial institutions besides Forex brokers, including banks, stock brokers, liquidity providers, and crypto exchanges.
  • Traders can engage in High-Frequency Trading (HFT). Our FIX API trading platform facilitates faster market data retrieval and transfer compared to other non-FIX trading platforms.
  • Brokers don’t need to buy any additional FIX bridge plugins. Our all-in-one package handles everything for you.

If you’re unsure about the placement of the FIX Engine in the “Map,” please read this article: Fintechee Trading Platform Architecture to get an idea of the figure of Fintechee.

Order Router Management

“Order Router Management” is a feature provided by our backend. The “Price Aggregator” analyzes quotes, helping traders identify which liquidity provider offers the lowest ask quote or the highest bid quote. Then, the “Order Router Management” sends orders to appropriate liquidity providers to minimize costs.

For more information on the “Price Aggregator,” please refer to our other introduction: Price Aggregator

Instruments and Liquidity Providers

Forex instruments such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD are the primary traded instruments on our FIX API trading platform.

Additionally, CFD, Stock, Cryptocurrencies, and even Spread Betting are supported. We have 20+ Liquidity Providers waiting for your selection.

Reactive Programming

Our FIX API trading platform applies “Reactive Programming” technology, enhancing data transfer speed and response time through non-blocking calls.


Our backend opens up RESTful APIs to traders. Traders can develop their frontend WEB applications to access their accounts created on brokers via our RESTful APIs. Traders can extend features independently. Our server package allows cross-origin access. Authorized brokers’ websites will be included in our whitelist to gain access to our RESTful APIs.

Online Demo

We provide a free online demo for you. The backend is based on the FIX API trading platform. Feel free to try it out: WEB Trader.


We have registered patents to ensure an exclusive experience, available only here.

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